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This page is where you can find media outlets that I currently write for, contribute to and have previously produced work for. 

Motorsport Week was relaunched in January 2017 after a merger between Grand Prix Times and Motorsport Monday. The website covers a whole host of motorsport championships, from Formula 1 to Formula E, NASCAR to MotoGP. 
Car Throttle is one of the world's biggest car brands. After completing two weeks' work experience with Car Throttle in 2013 I joined CT as a freelancer, focusing on F1, gaming and motorsport. 
F1 Strategy Report delves into all of the major strategic stories and headlines to emerge from each F1 race weekend. The F1 Strategy Report is also accompanied by its own podcast, which I have appeared on several times. 
carwow is a new and smart way to buy and choose your car. It's a platform for buying new cars from franchise dealers, as well as reporting on the latest automotive news and providing helpful guides and features (which I help to write). 
Autosport is arguably the world's biggest and most well-respected motorsport website and magazine. I joined the Autosport Academy in March 2016 and started freelancing for them shortly after. 
WTF1 is a Formula 1 and motorsport website that looks at things a little bit differently. Focusing on the funny, odd and unusual aspects of motorsport, it features news articles, listicles, quizzes, memes and more. 

About: - F1 Expert from August 2015 to June 2016. 
The QH: Sports Editor of the University of Westminster's student newspaper for 2015/2016. 
Richland F1: - Senior writer from March 2012 to December 2015. 
RumbleStripNews: - Contributor from March 2014-December 2015. 
GPRacingPlus (formerly F1Plus): 
Formula1Blog: - some articles were also posted on 
PureF1: - Regular column from May 2012 to December 2014. 
Track Reviewers: 
Final Sector: 

Some website URLs may no longer exist. Check out my portfolio page to see more.

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