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5 September 2016

Tweewind: Twitter experience for sport on record

Twitter has quickly become a major part of the sporting experience, with many using tablets or phones as a second screen to keep up to date with what’s going on.
But that element is lost when watching sport on record. Tweewind has arrived to fill that void. It’s a simple but clever idea to give people the Twitter experience while watching sporting events on delay.

The new mobile app is a niche idea but will certainly be enjoyed by those who often have to record sport to watch at a later date. 

Many of us will scroll through Twitter during a sporting event to learn more details, keep up to date with all of the latest information and hear what others have to say. 
It’s become a crucial part of watching and understanding sports events from the comfort of your sofa. Tweewind allows you to keep this up even if you’ve missed it. 

Tweewind has its biggest impact if you’ve been able to completely avoid social media and don’t actually know the result of the race, match or competition. But it’s still a useful little app for those who know the final outcome but want to see how the action progressed and what was said on Twitter, saving you from scrolling back through your timeline. 

It’s a simple concept. You record a sporting event and open up Tweewind when it starts. You select the event you want and click play, with a curated feed appearing like it would in real time. 

The design and layout of the app in its basic form is very simple. It’s not particularly exciting to look at but it’s functional and easy to use, which is what you really want from something like this. 

You can skip forward and go back during the Tweewind feed, if you decide to speed through ad breaks or catch a moment you missed, which are helpful little features. The user accounts that appear on each feed are curated by the app, because you don’t want random, non-related tweets making an appearance. 

But further down the line it might be nice to be able to link up your own Twitter account for your own personal, real-time feed. You can request to add new accounts and remove ones you don’t want to see though. 
Tweewind also allows you to scroll through the feed and there’s a decent range of motorsport championships to follow, including the big-hitters like Formula 1 and MotoGP. There’s also a cycling option and it’d be good to see other sports added later on. 

The app doesn’t look particularly ground-breaking but its simple menus and feed make Tweewind a breeze to use. It’s definitely a niche product. 

Some may not be bothered by tweets while watching sport on demand or on delay but others will find it useful. Personally, I like to know all of the small details and latest information. 

I’ve already tried it out with a BTCC race and a Formula 1 race too and found it to be a handy addition to my sporting experience, when trying to keep up to date with the fast-paced action while watching on record. 

Tweewind is available to download right now for both Android and iOS.

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