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29 May 2012

Button "Unpredictability is bad for F1"

Jenson Button has spoken out about the F1 2012 season for being too "Unpredictable".
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The Mclaren driver said "unpredictability is bad for F1" because it could push fans away. So far we have seen 6 different winners in 6 races, 2 of which being the drivers first wins. Button, Alonso, Rosberg, Vettel, Maldonado and Webber have all taken victories this year, making the top of the championship extremely tight.

Jenson said "Clearly everyone is excited about so many different winners, which initially was great for the fans and great for the sport. But there will come a time when the fans will say, 'So anyone can win a grand prix, everyone can lose a grand prix like that?' (Clicks fingers). I think they're finding it a little bit strange now. I don't know, but hopefully a pattern will emerge after the next couple of races and we'll understand the teams and drivers we need to beat to win the championship."

Many drivers and pundits have praised F1 this year for its unpredictable nature but obviously some people are concerned that it could mean viewers lose out. However Mclaren boss Martin Whitmarsh said on the topic I think it is an enthralling sport at the moment. A few years ago weren't people saying 'aren't these processional races and aren't they so predictable?' Well, we certainly don't have a predictable season. I think an unpredictable race and an unpredictable season is what a lot of fans want." Red Bull boss Christian Horner added I think it is remarkable that there have been so many winners. The tyres are a factor and the fact that there are so many strong drivers as well is also a crucial factor."
Whether Jenson is right? I, for one, think its great to have so many winners and the fact is every race has not been a run away victory, it keeps us sat at the edge of our seats till the chequered flag.

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